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Justin Thai recently did an interview with Dr. Richard Wagner about erotic art. - Click here to listen to this interview via a podcast on Dr. Dick's Sex Advice website.



Men Like Me - group exhibition @ Off The Kerb Gallery: Asian photographer on Asian models. A part of the 2009 Midsumma Summer Festival & First Asia Pacific Outgames, Melbourne, Australia.


I am, I am not - A series of photos featuring real people from all walks of life was featured in an exhibition titled "Modes of Disclosure" at the Form+Content Gallery, in the warehouse district of Minneapolis.


am i? - Designed to confront the viewers on perceptions of what people living with HIV look like, am I? is an evocative photographic exhibit featuring fifty portraits that challenge the observers to determine which 25 of the 50 models are HIV positive.

Click here for link to media coverage of the exhibition.



* Fantasies - from dreams to reality and back.

* Asian male - the beauty of Asians through the eyes of an Asian photographer.